Meeting your favourite sports star might get your heart pumping, but what about seeing the faces behind your waifus and husbandos? Does it excite you to find out how your favourite manga, anime, and stories are created? How can you not take a selfie with your idol cosplayer if you had the chance?

Get pumped up! Every year, SMASH! invites international guests to Sydney for the con, including voice actors and actresses from popular anime, directors, artists, cosplayers and more! Not only that, you can see them at a SMASH! Guest Event, or bring a trophy home in the form of an autograph.



Trash Taste Podcast


This year with anime Youtubers Gigguk, The Anime Man, and CDawgVA together, we have the first ever appearance of the Trash Taste Podcast in Australia! The Trash Taste Podcast began as a Youtube channel in February 2020 hosted by Garnt (Gigguk), Joey (The Anime Man), and Connor (CDawgVA) and has since exploded in popularity for their hot takes on anything and everything. With the three combining all their knowledge and experience (and sometimes with special guests!), you can expect the craziest, funniest and entertaining conversations on Youtube, Twitch and Spotify.

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The Anime Man


We’re welcoming back a SMASH! 2019 VIP guest, Joey Bizinger, better known as The Anime Man! Since 2013, the Japanese-Australian Youtuber, podcaster, and Twitch streamer has been bringing anime reviews, analyses, and critiques to his 3.2 million Youtube subscribers. He’s the man to go to for all things anime and Japanese culture! Together with popular anime Youtubers, Gigguk and CDawgVA (who are both coming to SMASH! 2022!), The Anime Man is our Australian representative in the Trash Taste Podcast.

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CDawgVA, also known as Connor, is a Japan-based Welsh entertainer, well known for his Youtube videos and Twitch streams. This professional voice actor and podcaster goes to great lengths to bring endless entertainment to the world through his outrageous ideas and bizarre adventures, even at the cost of his own dignity. Wait, was that a JoJo reference? Together with popular anime Youtubers, Gigguk and The Anime Man (who are both coming to SMASH! 2022!), CDawgVA is a proud member of the Trash Taste Podcast.

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Youtuber Gigguk, or Garnt, is known as one of the pioneers of Anime Youtube, and is a fantastic Thai-British Youtuber and Podcaster who gained popularity from his hilarious rants and reviews on anime and the otaku world. With over 3.2 million subscribers, Gigguk has brought hours of entertainment and joy to his audience with his satirical script-writing and comedic video editing. Check out the videos that brought him to fame: his ‘Anime in Minutes’ series!

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Sydsnap, or Sydney, is the “Queen of Degeneracy”, a popular Youtuber well known for her fascinating visual and light novel reviews and recommendations. She explores the odd side of Japanese culture in her videos, digging deep into the odd, the lewd, and the absurd. This American Youtuber has no fear of what content she brings up to the table, and has attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers with her knowledge of the ‘ecchi’ or erotic genre and her playful and entertaining personality.

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Tsukumo Sana

hololive English

Name: Tsukumo Sana
Birthday: June 10th
Height: 169cm (With limiter) and 1697 840 000 000 (without limiter)
Unit: hololive English -Council-
Hobbies: Astronomy, astrology, graphic design, drawing, world travelling! (hiking, snorkelling, camping, eating!!)
Likes: Pasta, macarons, round things, EDM
Dislikes: Sneezing

Here we have Tsukumo Sana! A member of the Council and the Speaker of “Space”, the very first concept created by the Gods.

After being materialised in the mortal realm, she began researching astrology in earnest for one reason. However, she soon stumbled unknowingly upon the Forbidden Truth, and was turned into an apostle for the Ancient Ones.

“Space” refers not only to this universe we live in, but all dimensions and matter to exist. It is a concept unbridled by definition, and one that continues to grow in scope limitlessly. As it is yet to be fully explored by man, her seemingly strange behaviour and speech can be explained away with a simple, “Humanity simply isn’t yet ready to understand.”

As a side note, despite how she may look, she is quite chi… young.

Sana enjoys spending her spare time on her very own YouTube channel playing games at her own pace, creating wonderful things with her graphic design and drawing skills, or just giving you a safe space to chill (pun intended). Just make sure to be a bit careful and not make her sneeze, otherwise you might unleash an earth-shattering explosion!

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Hakos Baelz

hololive English

Name: Hakos Baelz
Birthday: Feb 29th
Height: 149 cm
Unit: hololive English -Council-
Likes: Coffee, fried cheese, RPGs, simulation games, ani-song, J-pop, K-pop, EDM, hardstyle
Dislikes: The dark, jump scares

Up first is Hakos Baelz! A member of the Council and the very concept of Chaos, birthed by the world itself.

The Gods appointed her Chairperson of the Council, but she mostly takes a hands-off approach as she has yet to accept the decision, much like her fellow members. That said, all of them have no intention of contending; instead to obey. Her mouse-like appearance has deceived many a fool who fails to realise that mice are the harbingers of chaos. Also of note is her wild smile, which she often flashes in her frequent romps.

Chaos is confusion and disarray, it is fortune and tragedy, and it is freedom from all the logic and inherent nature of life. She believes that rules are not the be-all and end-all, which is why she has come to break them all. Watching the aftermath is her greatest joy, and so she remains a bystander to the destruction caused by mayhem.

Tune in on her YouTube channel and catch Baelz doing all sorts of things from watching sappy movies, playing RPGs, or even in the midst of a late-night karaoke session rocking it out to J-pop. No cage can trap this rat!

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Canadian cosplayer Hikarin is coming back to SMASH! 2022!

Hikarin was originally a guest of SMASH! 2020, and since we didn’t get the chance to see her then, we’re super glad to have another opportunity!

As a popular cosplayer, Hikarin is known for her beautiful portrayal of male characters like the handsome Izumi Sena from ‘Ensemble Stars’, or the popular Giyuu Tomioka from ‘Demon Slayer’, but you may recognise her more as her original character, Kai.

With over 300,000 Facebook followers and over 400,000 Instagram fans, Hikarin has captured the hearts of many with her unique make-up style, which not only portrays the characters’ appearance, but also their heart and personality.

Hikarin has made appearances as a guest in conventions all over the world, including Taiwan, Germany, America, Singapore, and more, and SMASH! is excited to add Sydney to this growing list!

Since we last touched base with her, Hikarin has been busy modelling and gaming. With her talents in illustrating and graphic design, as well as her multilingual skills and her charming smile, we’ll all be swooning when we see her!

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Notable Cosplays


Yosuke Sora


A renowned cosplay personality and rising streamer in Singapore, Yosuke is an all-rounded talented creator who aims to inspire and make a positive impact on her audiences. Known for her portrayal of male anime characters, she’s got the passion to capture each and every character’s essence through her works and treats cosplay very much like an art form.

She has been invited to several events in the South East Asia region as a cosplay guest, and now we can add Australia to that list!

Not only talented in cosplay, Yosuke has also worked with brands such as AMD, Mihoyo, UNIQLO, Disney, Magic: The Gathering and many more!

Cheerful and whimsical, Yosuke Sora continues to share the love of cosplay everywhere she goes.

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Notable Cosplays

guest-image Marin Dress Up Darling
guest-image Gintoki Gintama
guest-image Rin Free
guest-image Trafalgar Law One Piece

Kevin Penkin


Kevin Penkin is a Melbourne-based composer, known for his musical works and collaborations across the anime and video game industry. You’ve probably heard his work in popular anime like ‘Made in Abyss’, ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’, and ‘Tower of God’, or in the BAFTA-winning game, ‘Florence’.

Throughout his career, Penkin has also recorded with orchestras around the world, including Prague, Vienna, Boston, and Australia. When Kevin moved to London in 2013, he collaborated with legendary video game composer Nobuo Uematsu on a number of Japanese game titles, leading him to his debut in the anime music industry.

If you’re currently watching ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2’ or looking forward to seeing ‘Made in Abyss Season 2’ when it comes out in July this year, you’ll be hearing more of Penkin’s amazing work in the music

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